• 1. How established is the TTG Annual Travel Awards?

    The first annual TTG Travel Awards began in 1989 and has been organised by TTG Asia every year since, with the exception of 2003, due to the SARS epidemic. In its place, a one-off TTG Honours was held to commend the dedicated efforts of members in the travel industry during those dire times.

    Since the awards first began, this celebrated event has grown significantly in terms of participation from the industry as well as the number of awards given out each year. From a mere 10 awards in 1989, the Awards now honours over 80 winners across 4 categories – two voting, one non-voting and one honorary.

    The TTG Travel Awards are now reputed as the most coveted and influential awards to be won in the region’s travel industry.

    Each year, the awards ceremony and gala dinner is attended by some of the industry’s most renowned personalities, which makes the awards a truly star-studded event. Moreover, attendance to the gala includes other international media who provide coverage and publicity of the event beyond the region.

  • 2. I hear the awards trophy weighs a ton!

    The signature trophy of the TTG Travel Awards is a statuette of Hermes, the God of Travel and protector of travellers in ancient Greek mythology. Cast in solid pewter and plated in 24K gold, the trophy weighs a hefty 2kg! The Hermes trophy has since become the symbol and icon of the annual TTG Travel Awards.

  • 3. Are the award categories & its accompanying awards the same each year?

    The annual TTG Travel Awards reflects the dynamism of the travel industry. To stay relevant and represent the achievements and contributions of the industry, all awards categories and titles are reviewed and new awards may be added each year.

  • 4. What are the award categories?

    The TTG Travel Awards honours winners across the following 4 categories.

    Click here to view this year's list of awards.

  • 5. How are the winners for each award determined?

    Travel Supplier and Travel Agency Awards

    Through voting by readers of TTG Travel Trade Publishing’s print and online titles: TTG Asia, TTG China, TTG India, TTGmice, TTG-BTmice China, TTGassociations and TTG Asia Luxury.

    See questions 6 to 7 for more details on the voting process, rules & regulations and awards criteria.

    Outstanding Achievement Awards

    This is a non-voting category. The winners are determined by TTG’s editorial team.

    Travel Hall of Fame

    This honorary awards category pays tribute to an elite group of TTG Travel Awards winners who have impressively won the same award at least 10 consecutive times since the annual awards began in 1989. Companies which have been conferred the prestigious Travel Hall of Fame title will no longer compete in subsequent awards. In honour of their achievement, TTG will continue to commemorate them annually.

  • 6. What is the voting process like?

    Only the award titles in the Travel Supplier and Travel Agency categories are open for voting.

    Voting Duration: Spans across a period of two months, between April and June. Actual voting dates and period differs annually.

    Who Votes: All readers of TTG Travel Trade Publishing’s print and online titles: TTG Asia, TTG China, TTG India, TTGmice, TTG-BTmice China, TTGassociations and TTG Asia Luxury are encouraged to vote.

    As an organisation’s trade customers and closest working partners, our readers are the most apt to bestow the title of industry’s best.

    Travel Supplier awards are voted by travel consultants, tour operators and destination management companies.

    Travel Agency awards are voted by hoteliers, airline staff, car rental companies, cruise operators, NTOs, GDS companies and all other travel trade professionals except travel consultants, tour operators and destination management companies.

    Method of Voting: 2 methods – online voting and printed voting forms are made available and publicized through the following channels:

    • Online Voting Site:
      Publicity web banners with hyperlinks to the online voting site – encouraging readers to vote online – will be placed on TTG online publication websites throughout the voting period.

    • Printed Voting Forms: Made available in selected issues of TTG publications.

    How To Vote: As there are no pre-nominated contenders for the awards, voters simply nominate organisations that they perceive best deserve the various awards, based on a listed set of criteria.

    Authentication of Votes, Rules & Regulations:

    • Only one voting entry per person is allowed – using either the printed voting form or online voting form. Duplicate entries will be disqualified.
    • Only votes that are submitted with complete voter’s information will be qualified.
    • Random checks are conducted based on the voter’s information provided, to ensure that voter is bona fide.
    • All votes are kept confidential and results final.
  • 7. What are the criteria for the various awards?

    For Travel Supplier Awards and Travel Agency Awards, please refer here.

    For Outstanding Achievement Awards, this is a non-voting category. The winners are determined by TTG’s editorial panel. Please refer here.

  • 8. What is the Travel Hall of Fame?

    The Travel Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 2002, with the objective of establishing a permanent home in honour of our region’s most exceptional organisations. Inductees into this elite group are conferred the title of Travel Hall of Fame honorary for the impressive record of winning the same prestigious award 10 consecutive times. Attaining the travel industry’s recognition for being the unsurpassed leader in its field for one whole decade is tantamount to achieving the coveted status of utmost excellence.

    At each annual awards, TTG commemorates these outstanding organisations and looks forward to welcoming new members into the Travel Hall of Fame – for having made the cut and distinguishing themselves as being amongst the industry's very best.

    Click here to visit the official TTG Travel Hall of Fame home and learn more about our honoraries.